PSF League of Awesome

Having a capable and well supported server infrastructure is critical to the continued ability of the PSF to pursue its mission and to support our other community partners. Each of these companies has very gratiously helped us to run and improve our infrastructure and operations services.

XS4ALL logo

XS4ALL provides hosting and network connectivity for,,, and other services.

OSU OSL logo

OSU OSL provides hosting for the new PSF servers and the benchmarking server.

Upfront logo

Upfront Systems provides hosting for the Python bug tracker, and a few other bug trackers.

PagerDuty logo

PagerDuty provides SMS and phone notifications for the Python system administrator team, helping improve our uptime.

Pingdom logo

Pingdom provides remote monitoring services for all PSF web sites and servers, allowing the system administrator team to stay on top of our status.

Dyn logo

Dyn provides reliable, API-driven DNS service for the PSF domains. logo provides domain registrar services for the domains owned by the PSF.

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